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Always Welcomes Insurance Claims

Insurance claims are always an inconvenience and disrupt our daily lives. In today's busy world the added frustration
of having to deal with contractors, and your insurance adjuster can be stressful!.

The Roofing Company in San Antonio or Austin will help you through the whole process from beginning to end, as a
matter of fact after you file your claim your direct involvement with your insurance company can be completely hands

We will make all necessary appointments with your insurance adjuster when he inspects your roof.

Your roofing claims specialist will meet with your adjuster to ensure that your roof gets approved, and that all the
required components are paid for so that you get a quality roof.

Pricing is never an issue because we use a software pricing program that most insurance companies use when
determining the cost to replace your roof.

Before The Roofing Company tears off the first shingle from your old roof we make sure of the following for your
peace of mind:

1.Your insurance agrees to the number of squares and components on your roof that will be replaced.
2.Your insurance agrees to any special circumstances that may effect the cost of replacing your roof.
3.Your insurance has agreed upon a final cost to replace your roof.
4.Your contract reflects the exact same price as your final insurance settlement amount excluding any upgrades in
materials you may have decided upon.
5.Your contract indicates the style, year, and color of the roofing materials you have chosen.

We look forward to discussing your re-roofing project and providing a solution that works for you.

Call The Roofing Company today  to discuss your roofing service needs.

Note the date. If you know for sure that you've recently had a hail storm, note the date.
You'll need this date to file a claim. If you didn't take any picture of the hail
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